Silicon Valley is desperate for designers

04-11-2012 at 12:00 AM
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I just read this great article on CNN Money. Silicon Valley, which has always had a big demand for progarmers and software/web developers, is now on the look out for great user interface and web designers.

"In the Silicon Valley hierarchy, coders have always ruled the roost, but right now there's a different skill set on the industry's most-wanted list: designers.

From giants like Facebook and Google to barely hatched startups, everyone is fighting over a small pool of artists skilled at bringing websites and apps to life.

Johnnie Manzari, a prominent user interface designer for more than a decade, says he gets weekly phone calls from people asking him to recommend good designers.

"There's a huge demand for finding talent," he says. "Just like with engineering, one of the reasons it's been so difficult is there just aren't many people that are that good. Not only are people looking for designers more than they used to, but the bar they're willing to accept has gone up."

Several of the industry's power players have been on design-focused shopping sprees."

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