Should You Ever Text Message a Client?

04-09-2017 at 02:15 PM
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As a business school graduate and small business owner, I've always been taught to look and act professional. After all, you want to put your best foot forward.  Things like wearing a shirt and tie for meetings, returning phone calls promptly and of course, never text message a client. Or should you??? The other day I ran into this dilemma with one of our clients here at Scottsdale Website Design. I had emailed him some information about his project and the next thing I know my cell phone is buzzing. But not with a phone call, but a text message from _____.  So natrually I texted him back with the answer to his question.

Honestly, communicating with a client via text message was very convenient, but it did make me nervouse. You never want to appear too casual or overly relaxed with a client. But since he did initiate, I felt justified. I think the real rule of thumb to take away is that while we do want have a friendly relationship, it's still important to keep a professional image. So many adults may find texting them about a web design project or any business deal a bit to casual, it doesn't mean you can never do it. Just make sure they where the one to initiate it, and try not to use it as a primary means of communication.

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