Kickstart Your Business Idea...

07-16-2010 at 12:00 AM
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Anyone who's ever tried to start a business knows that one of the biggest obstacles funding - AKA green-backs, dinero money.  In fact, under capitalization (the lack of money) can be one of the biggest factors in success or failure. But an inovate new website calle is here to help. This website is designed to help artists, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs get seed money to get their ideas off the ground.  It could be anything from starting an organic bakery to getting money for a musican to record their next album. And it's a great deal for the investors as well as the entrepreneurs. Typically instead of ownership in the business, the investors get some type of reward in the end. In the example of the organic bakery, investors might recieve some bread dough and some special recipes. If you need large sums of funding, this may not be the answer, but for smaller projects, this could be the perfect way to crowdsource your next busines venture.

Keywords: crowdsourcing, entrepreneurs, seed money, small business funding
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